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JP-H09118662-A: 尿素誘導体 patent, JP-H09118713-A: 塩素化塩化ビニル系樹脂の製造方法 patent, JP-H09118747-A: ポリキナゾリン及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0911890-A: Piping inside moving mechanism patent, JP-H09119647-A: 調理器の庫内温度表示装置 patent, JP-H09119881-A: 圧力平衡型指圧器 patent, JP-H09121168-A: 圧縮装置、圧縮方法、伸長装置及びコンテキスト提供装置 patent, JP-H09121773-A: Japanese apricot confection patent, JP-H09122578-A: Colored resin-coated metallic sheet and its production patent, JP-H09122912-A: Dc arc machining device patent, JP-H09123116-A: 加工位置決め装置 patent, JP-H09123652-A: Icカード patent, JP-H09123949-A: Reinforcing structure of board patent, JP-H09123992-A: 船舶のシーチェスト内における海洋生物付着防止方法および防止構造 patent, JP-H09125427-A: Construction method of basement floor patent, JP-H09125565-A: 建築用木製の構造部材 patent, JP-H091256-A: Press die patent, JP-H09125921-A: Cylinder head of internal combustion engine patent, JP-H09126852-A: Coriolis type mass flow sensor patent, US-2012061545-A1: Protective cover/sleeve for furniture legs and/or feet patent, JP-H09127014-A: Method and device for washing in liquid penetration test patent, JP-H09128362-A: Optimum arrangement method and its device patent, JP-H09128367-A: 情報提供装置 patent, JP-H09128894-A: Synchronization device of video and voice processing device patent, JP-H09129376-A: 有機el素子 patent, JP-H09130103-A: Band pass filter provided with multi-layered substrate-incorporated trap patent, JP-H0913034-A: 坑井用セメントスラリー組成物並びに坑井用セメンチング工法 patent, JP-H09131872-A: Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus patent, JP-H09131998-A: 記録装置の被記録媒体載置テーブル機構 patent, JP-H09132118-A: 車両用盗難警報装置 patent, JP-H09133341-A: 液体燃料燃焼装置 patent, JP-H09133476-A: スクラップ予熱設備 patent, JP-H09133946-A: 撮影補助装置 patent, JP-H09134301-A: Method for integrating data patent, JP-H09134484-A: ドロワ装置 patent, JP-H09136501-A: 農用車輪 patent, JP-H0913717-A: 組み立て式トランクルーム patent, JP-H09137294-A: めっき装置 patent, JP-H09137341-A: Apparatus for detecting abnormality of trimmed selvage treatment of loom patent, JP-H09137377-A: 耐候性の改善されたポリエステル繊維材料 patent, JP-H09138138-A: Resetting device of trip meter patent, JP-H09138573-A: Electrostatic latent image developing device patent, JP-H09138906-A: Production of slider for magnetic head patent, JP-H0913913-A: Low pressure steam turbine patent, JP-H09140242-A: コンバイン patent, JP-H0914034-A: Fuel injection timing control device of engine patent, JP-H09140907-A: 弾球遊技機設置島の玉補給システム patent, JP-H09141627-A: Manufacture of inorganic plate patent, JP-H09142554-A: Synthetic-resin aerosol-spray container patent, JP-H09144040-A: Penetration preventive method of backfilling material for element joint patent, JP-H09144100-A: Metal fixture of container for deodorizer, etc. patent, JP-H09144318-A: コンクリートの鉛直移送装置 patent, JP-H09144643-A: 水力機械及び水力機械のカバープレート取付ボルトの締付状態監視装置 patent, JP-H09145604-A: Device for detecting adhesion of liquid patent, JP-H09145722-A: 走査型プローブ顕微鏡 patent, JP-H09145842-A: ガンマカメラと共に使用するための散乱補正 patent, JP-H09146039-A: 投写型表示装置 patent, JP-H09146079-A: 液晶表示装置の製法 patent, JP-H09146718-A: プリンタシステム patent, JP-H09146913-A: マイクロコンピュータ回路 patent, JP-H0914698-A: 空気調和機の室外機 patent, JP-H09147472-A: 映像・音声再生装置 patent, JP-H09148518-A: Lead frame member having superior resin sealing and semiconductor device patent, JP-H09149133-A: テレビ会議システムのための音声入力端末および音声合成端末 patent, JP-H09149272-A: Color conversion adjustment method and device patent, JP-H09149696-A: モータ駆動制御方法及び装置 patent, JP-H09151263-A: Gas barrier film and its production patent, JP-H09151758-A: Control device for cylinder direct injection multi-cylinder engine patent, JP-H09152163-A: Ventilator patent, JP-H09152213-A: Piston for external combustion engine patent, JP-H09152422-A: 極間磁化器 patent, JP-H09153915-A: Communication system patent, JP-H09155326-A: 塩素を含有する廃棄物の処理方法 patent, JP-H09155473-A: Method for indexing working position of punch and die in punching press and device therefor patent, JP-H09155645-A: Nc data producing method in wire electric discharge machine patent, JP-H09155975-A: Sheet for lining patent, JP-H09156090-A: Hot-melt ink jet printer patent, JP-H09156426-A: 自動車ドアに装着する雨傘支持具 patent, JP-H09156893-A: Lifting height automatic stopping device for fork lift truck patent, JP-H09158327-A: Extension method of unit type building and extending building unit thereof patent, JP-H09158780-A: エンジンにおける燃料カットソレノイドのアース確保構造 patent, JP-H09158813-A: 燃料噴射装置 patent, JP-H09159798-A: Bubble decontamination and method for treating decontamination waste liquid patent, JP-H09160977-A: Method and system for managing customer history in on-line shopping patent, JP-H09161004-A: 文書編集装置 patent, JP-H09162137-A: Ion implantation patent, JP-H09163220-A: Telecine device and method for converting image magnification patent, JP-H0916370-A: 表示オブジェクト選択方式 patent, JP-H09164026-A: 昇降天板付きワゴン及びそのワゴンと平机との組合せ家具 patent, JP-H09164635-A: Integrated molded object of thermoplastic resin and silicone rubber patent, JP-H09164694-A: インクジェットプリンタおよびその印字方法 patent, JP-H09165406-A: 現場ポリエチレンブレンドの製造方法 patent, JP-H09167451-A: Tape driver equipped with arcuate scanner and calibration method for arcuate scanner patent, JP-H09167767-A: ハロゲンをドープした酸化珪素膜の膜安定性を改良する方法及び装置 patent, JP-H09168418-A: 手提げ袋用提げ手 patent, JP-H09168465-A: Meal promoter for child patent, JP-H09168732-A: Vacuum treating device patent, JP-H09169369-A: Hanging type tissue carton patent, JP-H0917024-A: Method and device for aligning objective lens patent, JP-H09171766-A: Fusible link patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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